• Weslaco Business Visitors & Event Center

    Check out rooms available by reservation

  • Guidelines for Use of the Weslaco Business-Visitor & Event Center 

  • Equipment Available:

    • Laptop
    • Projector
    • Lapel/Microphones

    Amenities Offered:

    • 100 chairs
    • 24 6' Rectangular Banquet Tables
    • 24 5' Round Banquet Tables
    • 15 30" Hospitality Tables
    • 3 Risers
    • 1 Podium
    • 3 Easels

    Hours of Availability:

    • Monday-Friday-8am to 5pm
    • Saturdays-Sundays- upon discussion and event type

    For more information contact our Visitors Center Director at jason@weslaco.com or call 956-968-2102

  • General Guidelines for use of the building: 

     • No Smoking will be allowed at any time in the building.

    • No concealed weapons will be allowed on the property.

    • Events for political candidates will not be allowed due to the restrictions of the IRS Code for Non-Profit Organizations. 

    Guidelines for meetings/events in public areas (Conference Room, Serving Kitchen, Lobby, Board Room, and bathrooms): 

    1. Rentals will be restricted to business related functions only, (exceptions to be approved by Weslaco EDC Director). 
    2. Requests for use of the Business-Visitor & Event Center must be made in advance.  All bookings will be recorded in the Facilities Use Calendar. Changes made to the original reservation must be requested 24 hours prior and are subject to approval. Proposed set up, decorations, etc., must be approved by the designated facilities coordinator. 
    3. Candles, oil lamps, etc. may not be used in the building. Taping, stapling, or otherwise affixing anything to a wall, door, entrance, exit or other permanent surface is NOT PERMITTED. 
    4. The Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco and Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce programs and events have precedence over any request for a meeting in the facility. 
    5. Use of the facility during office hours, including set up (8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays) will be based on established rates on Event Contract. 

    6. Fees will be calculated from the time the group enters the facility until all persons involved in the event/activity have left the facility. 
    7. Arrangements to serve food and beverages must be made at the time the facility is reserved.  Location of food service and type of food and beverages to be served must be approved by the designated facilities coordinator. A general clean-up of the rented area and kitchen is expected. 
    8. Tables and chairs should be set according to floor plans established by the Business-Visitor & Event Center.  Any variation from the floor plans must be approved by the designated facilities coordinator.  Tables and chairs may not be used outside the building. 
    9. Security may be required at the cost of the user, depending on the nature of the activities held at the facility. 
    10. The renter will provide a Certificate of Insurance for general liability (and liquor liability if alcohol will be served).  The Economic Development Corporation of Weslaco and Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce will be named on the policy/policies as an additional insured. 
    11. The Economic Development Corporation, Weslaco Area Chamber of Commerce, along with The Business, Visitor and Event Center and the W.A.C.C. are NOT responsible for any injuries suffered from the rearranging of our facilities furniture and/or equipment. 
    12. No children shall be permitted in our main lobby without proper adult supervision.